Top 10 pass combos in NFL history

   A pair of castoffs, Zorn and Largent, teamed up to help the 
  Seahawks rise to prominence when expansion teams were given little hope. 
   The American Football League was known for its pass-first philosophy, and this 
  Chargers duo was the games' best. 
   "The Snake" and Biletnikoff, sporting plenty of Stick-Um, gave the 
  Raiders a dangerous offense and delivered a 
  Super Bowl title. 
   This combination of 
  Packers helped make the passing game a factor in an era when football was a ground-based, run-first sport. 
   Two of the 
  Cowboys' fabled "Big Three" helped lead Dallas to three 
  Super Bowl triumphs in the 1990s. 
   In Kelly's fast-paced, no-huddle K-Gun offense, his favorite target was a receiver drafted in the fourth round out of Kutztown. 
   Together, these two pioneers of the modern game ushered in the era of timing passes and the two-minute offense. 
   Montana was already one of the game's best passers before Rice came along, but the WR's arrival helped create a legend. 
   Young picked up where Montana left off, tossing the ball to Rice as the 
  49ers' explosive offense didn't miss a beat. 
   Manning and Harrison proved true the old adage "practice makes perfect." Hard work on the practice field has netted huge numbers on Sundays. 

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