Top 10 motivational coaches in NFL history

   In addition to being 
  [ one of the NFL's all-time outrageous characters](, Bum Phillips helped turn the Houston Oilers into those "Luv Ya Blue" winners. 
   It can be argued that Sam Wyche's most famous motivational speech wasn't given to players, but fans, in his "you don't live in Cleveland" rant. 
   Hank Stram's wiring during 
  [ Super Bowl IV]( is the stuff of legend, as it gave fans valuable insight on the coaching techniques of this 
   Bill Parcells took over a down-and-out 
  [Giants](/teams/newyorkgiants/profile?team=NYG) team and won two 
  [Super Bowl](, then later turned around the fortunes of a miserable 
  [Patriots](/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) team. 
   After getting his team to the brink of championships, Bill Cowher capped his coaching career with a 
  [Super Bowl]( victory following the 2005 season. 
   George Allen hated losing, once saying, "Every time you lose, you die a little bit. You die inside ... not all of your organs, maybe just your liver." 
   Marty Schottenheimer was old school, told it like it was, and gave some of the most memorable and unique pregame speeches in NFL history. 
   His facial contortions earned him the nickname "Chucky," but Jon Gruden's intense motivational style helped Tampa Bay finally win a 
  [Super Bowl]( 
   The always emotional Dick Vermeil's motivation-by-inspiration approach helped make instant champs of the woebegone 
  [St. Louis Rams](/teams/st.louisrams/profile?team=STL). 
   Vince Lombardi's autocratic style didn't exactly endear players to him, but the championship results are a valuable cornerstone of NFL history. 

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