Top 10 most outrageous characters in NFL history

   Chad Johnson may have officially changed his name to Chad Ochocinco, but his tendency for on- and off-the-field antics remains the same. 
   Conrad Dobler once got in a casket just to feel how comfortable it was. The verdict? The former St. Louis 
  [Cardinals](/teams/arizonacardinals/profile?team=ARI) offensive lineman liked it. 
   Sporting cowboy boots and hats, Bum Phillips became the face of the talented and colorful "Luv Ya Blue" Houston Oilers teams of the 1970s. 
   Sporting his famous black face paint, energetic chatterbox defensive tackle John Randle was impossible to keep quiet and just as difficult to block. 
   Get your popcorn ready, because Terrell Owens has put on quite a show in his eventful, yet extremely productive, 13-year NFL career. 
   Loud and boisterous Jerry Glanville left tickets for Elvis and came up with famous one-liners such as "this is NFL, which stands for Not For Long ..." 
   Football's ultimate showman, Deion Sanders, waved fans on before punt returns and then danced in the end zone, which he visited quite frequently. 
   As the only NFL player to ever tell Sandra Day O'Connor to "lighten up, baby," John Riggins didn't stop there with unforgettable, outlandish antics. 
   Before his retirement watch became a summertime staple, Brett Favre's go-for-broke style made him one of the game's most endearing figures. 
   When the 
  [Bears](/teams/chicagobears/profile?team=CHI) unveiled their 315-pound rookie DT-turned-FB William Perry, "The Refrigerator" became a national phenomenon. 

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