Top 10 home-field advantages of all-time

   Before the 
  [Vikings](/teams/minnesotavikings/profile?team=MIN) moved into the climate-controlled H.H.H. Metrodome, the team enjoyed the greatest home-field advantage in football. 
   Deafening decibels were commonplace in the 
  [Seahawks](/teams/seattleseahawks/profile?team=SEA)' old home, the Kingdome, but surprisingly that followed the team outdoors. 
   Games played in September and October at the hot and humid Orange Bowl in Miami was not a welcoming experience for visiting teams. 
   It wasn't so much that the stadium itself gave the 
  [Steelers](/teams/pittsburghsteelers/profile?team=PIT) such a great home-field edge, it was because the teams it housed were good. 
   Cold and uninviting, Veterans Stadium's leaky pipes, hard and unforgiving turf and loud fans had its own special way to intimidate visitors. 
   Decked completely in 
  [Chiefs](/teams/kansascitychiefs/profile?team=KC) red and filled with fans straight from the tailgate party, Kansas City's home features a college atmosphere. 
   Affectionately nicknamed the "Black Hole," the Coliseum has become more known for the colorful fans who fill it than the play of the home team. 
   Long before the 
  [Colts](/teams/indianapoliscolts/profile?team=IND) packed up the Mayflower for Indianapolis, the team enjoyed a storybook, almost mythical, existence in Baltimore. 
   If the high altitude or the local football team doesn't break down an opponent, perhaps the orange-clad boisterous 
  [Broncos](/teams/denverbroncos/profile?team=DEN) fans will. 
   Holding slightly less people than the entire population of the city of Green Bay, the 
  [Packers](/teams/greenbaypackers/profile?team=GB)' home has been sold out for every game since 1960. 

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