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Top 10 gutsiest performances of all-time

   Donovan McNabb threw up during a 
  Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he's not a tough guy, as evidenced by this effort in 2002. 
   Instead of being forced to the sidelines with cracked ribs, Dan Pastorini pioneered a new era for quarterbacks, debuting revolutionary padding. 
   After injuring his knee in 
   a playoff win over the 
  Philip Rivers decides to play in the AFC Championship Game with a torn knee ligament. 
   On the biggest day of his career, Terrell Davis didn't let a migraine get in the way of 
  an MVP performance as the 
  Broncos won 
  Super Bowl XXXII. 
   This performance helped inspire a movie -- 
  *Brian's Song* -- as Gale Sayers returned from a knee injury a season later and led the league in rushing. 
   A day after losing his father, Irv, Brett Favre had one of the best games of his career in front of a national TV audience on 
  *Monday Night Football*. 
   In the 1993 regular-season finale, Emmitt Smith -- playing with a separated shoulder -- carried the 
  Cowboys to the NFC East crown against the 
   Already known as one of the game's toughest players, Ronnie Lott took his reputation to another level when he had his injured finger amputated. 
   In one of the greatest games ever played, a dehydrated and exhausted Kellen Winslow embodied the spirit of the 
  "Epic in Miami" game. 
   Jack Youngblood lived up to his tough-man name, helping lead the 

Los Angeles Rams through the playoffs and on to the Super Bowl.

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