Top 10 greatest cornerback tandems in NFL history

   Everson Walls was undrafted. Dennis Thurman was an 11th-round pick. Together, they make the most unlikely a pair to make an all-time best list. 
   Teaming with 
  [Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas]( was the dynamic duo of Albert Lewis and Kevin Ross, helping make the 
  [Chiefs](/teams/kansascitychiefs/profile?team=KC) winners in the 1990s. 
   Teaming with "Dr. Death," Skip Thomas, was a pioneer, Willie Brown, who is often credited for creating bump-and-run coverage. 
   Deion Sanders started opposite 13 other cornerbacks, and no matter who started on the other side the defense was better with No. 21 baiting QBs. 
   Mel Blount dominated receivers to such an extreme level that the league 
  [altered rules regarding pass coverage]( and interaction with WRs in 1978. 
   In the 1960s, the 
  [Lions](/teams/detroitlions/profile?team=DET) possessed one of the greatest secondaries in NFL history, with 
  [Dick LeBeau](/player/dicklebeau/2519234/profile), Dick "Night Train" Lane and Lem Barney. 
  [Paul Hornung]( and 
  [Jim Taylor]( already in the backfield, Vince Lombardi converted college RBs Herb Adderley and Bob Jeter into defensive backs. 
   With back-to-back picks in the 
  [1981 draft](, the 
  [49ers](/teams/sanfrancisco49ers/profile?team=SF) added Ronnie Lott and 
  [Eric Wright](/player/ericwright/2507176/profile). What followed was the 
  [49ers](/teams/sanfrancisco49ers/profile?team=SF)' first championship season. 
   Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield are the only CB tandem ever to attend three consecutive 
  [Pro Bowl]( together. Does 
  ["The Drive"]( hurt their legacy? 
   When the 
  [Raiders](/teams/oaklandraiders/profile?team=OAK) obtained future 
  [Hall of Famer Mike Haynes]( and teamed him with Lester Hayes, the team added the final piece of a title team. 

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