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Top 10 football follies

   Let the age-old debate continue right here: Who's to blame when the center-to-quarterback exchange goes horribly wrong? 
   "Playoffs?!?" "The 
  Bears are who we thought they were!" And that just touches on the meltdown mayhem coaches have offered over the years. 
   Pro football players are among the greatest athletes in the world, but sometimes even these gifted guys have a hard time staying on their feet. 
   The innocent are often not protected on the field and sidelines. Refs, chain-gang guys, cameramen and Gatorade cups all feel the wrath of players. 
   Mascots can have it good, like hanging out with the cheerleaders. Other times, they get trampled by players and ridiculed by fans. 
   Unsportsmanlike conduct, or just plain funny? After further review ... end zone celebrations are an institution and can be very entertaining. 
   Referees can take a beating, like the day Jerry Glanville told one that "this is NFL, which stands for Not For Long when you make them (expletive) calls." 
   The wonderful world of kickers, punters and long snappers can create a plethora of mishaps for fans to point and laugh at. 
   It's hard to put into words, but here are the sounds made for oopsy-daisy moments like swears, dropped passes and players falling on their bums. 
   To the psychologist, a fan in costume is an alter-ego. To others, it's the person you don't want to get stuck sitting next to. 

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