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Top 10 feuds in NFL history

   Joey Porter likes to talk, and eventually found his match -- with help from Chad Johnson -- in the 
   Rivals in the NFC East, 
  Cardinals lineman Conrad Dobler and 
  Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey had a number of memorable clashes in the 1970s. 
   Upon being fired by 
  Browns owner Art Modell, Cleveland's long-time coach left to coach for the team's new rivals, the 
   Two ultra-competitive, future Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks on the same roster made for uneasy situation in San Francisco. 
   Sure, together they helped lead the 
  Eagles to their first 
  Super Bowl in 24 years, but their relationship wasn't always rosy. 
   As head coach of the Oilers, Jerry Glanville left tickets for Elvis, but didn't make many friends among his AFC Central opponents. 

Redskins head coach George Allen took pride in beating the team dubbed "America's Team," thus creating one of the NFL's best rivalries.

   Buddy Ryan became the first coordinator to be carried off the field at the 
  Super Bowl, then he left to coach the 
   The American Football League opened play in 1960 and eventually forced a merger, resulting in the creation of the Super Bowl. 
   The Oakland, then Los Angeles, and back to 
  Oakland Raiders have always fancied itself as a rebelious team that goes against convention. 

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