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Top 10 draft trades in NFL history

   Many dismissed Rice before the 1985 draft, but Bill Walsh traded picks with New England to move up and get the young phenom. 
  Rams traded second- and fifth-round picks to the 
  Colts for Faulk, and went on to win 
  Super Bowl XXXIV with the "Greatest Show on Turf". 
   Bill Walsh sent second- and fourth-round picks to Tampa Bay and the 
  49ers received a valuable successor to Joe Montana in Young. 
   New Orleans sent eight draft picks to Washington in order to move up to the fifth overall pick and take the Texas running back. 
  Seahawks traded the second overall pick to Dallas for four picks. The 
  Cowboys proceeded to nab Dorsett and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 
  Falcons and 
  Chargers swapped picks and players. Atlanta took Vick with the No. 1 overall pick, while San Diego got Tomlinson with the fifth. 

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  Colts traded four players to the 
  Falcons, including WR Andre Rison in order to select the Illinois quarterback. 
  Dolphins traded their first overall pick for one of the league's best receivers and went on to win the 
  Super Bowl two seasons later. 
  Steelers sent two picks to the 
  Rams and helped Bettis establish himself as "The Bus" in Pittsburgh's smash-mouth offense. 
  Chargers took Manning with the top overall choice and traded him to the 
  Giants for Rivers (the fourth overall selection) and three draft picks. 
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