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Top 10 all-time worst free-agent signings

   O'Donnell took the 
  Steelers to a 
  Super Bowl, then cashed in with the biggest free-agent contract in 
  Jets history. O'Donnell didn't quite measure up to Joe Namath, and started just six games in a 1-15 season. 
   Rison was one of the game's best receivers while with the 
  Falcons, but flamed out in a disaster of a season in Cleveland. Adding injury to insult for 
  Browns fans was that a year later Rison won a ring with the 
  Raiders signed the MVPs of 
  Super Bowls XXX and XXXI -- Larry Brown and Desmond Howard -- in consecutive offseasons. Neither player reached expectations in the Silver and Black. 
   Harper was a key component to one of the NFL's greatest dynasties, but then fell far short of his Dallas production after signing with Tampa Bay. Harper's career ended unceremoniously with the XFL's Memphis Maniax. 
   Over the past decade and a half, no team has been more proactive in free agency than the 
  Redskins. The result has been an expensive lesson that money doesn't buy championships. 

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