Tony Romo should skip Cowboys' London game against Jaguars

Six days after doing the wrong thing with Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys got it right.

Romo didn't play in Sunday's home defeat to the Arizona Cardinals. It was a big game, loaded with NFC playoff implications. No matter. Romo's health, his availability for the stretch run of the season -- and thus, Dallas' chances to make it to the postseason -- hang in the balance. It's all too important. This was a no-brainer.

Now, on Monday evening, the Cowboys fly to London in advance of their Week 10 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. After Sunday's game, Jerry Jones said Tony Romo would make the trip -- and the owner believes he'll play.

Once again, Dallas is doing the wrong thing.

Tony Romo should not make the lengthy flight to London. And Tony Romo certainly should not play against 1-8 Jacksonville.

I'm no doctor -- though, on occasion, I do play one on television -- but I don't need a medical degree to have common sense.

NFL Media's Desmond Purnell reported Saturday that Romo has two fractures in his transverse process, a small bone that sticks out of either side of the vertebrae. This is kind of a big deal and pretty painful. While the chipped bone might not heal, rest provides an opportunity for the pain to subside.

Having Romo skip two long airplane flights -- and the sporting event where the opponent's goal is to knock down the quarterback, time after time -- would be the prudent and intelligent thing to do.

Dallas' bye comes after this week's game against the Jaguars. Thus, Romo could ultimately log three weeks of rest. And he really, really needs it.

The Cowboys' franchise face has undergone back surgery in each of the past two offseasons. A few weeks ago on my SiriusXM Radio show, "Schein on Sports," Cowboys COO Stephen Jones talked about why the quarterback wasn't practicing on Wednesdays, saying it's the byproduct of Romo's recovery from his most recent surgery. And this is the right move, to give Romo needed rest.

Now you just hope the Cowboys do the right thing in this week's game -- by keeping No. 9 out of it. Unfortunately, you don't have to jog the mental rolodex very far back to unearth the precedent of them getting it wrong.

Romo should have stayed out after he was drilled in the back and forced to leave the eventual loss to Washington in Week 8. But Romo, always tough as nails, wanted to be out there, even though he couldn't walk straight, couldn't execute. It was risky and backward logic to reinsert him in the game. Protecting Romo's physical condition and protecting the Cowboys' season should've been the priorities, not having him finish a late-October contest. NFL Media's Steve Mariucci joined my radio show the day after the game and simply said, "I couldn't believe it."

Given Romo's recent surgery history, given his practice limitations and given his vital role in Dallas' long-term success, it was short-sighted.

Romo wanted to go back in against Washington. Romo wanted to play against Arizona on Sunday. And I'm sure Romo wants to take the field in London. This guy's a gamer. He loves football and wants to deliver a championship to the Dallas Cowboys.

But the organization must protect him from himself.

Even if Romo is cleared by team doctors, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett should see the forest for the trees.

Can Brandon Weeden beat the one-win Jaguars? Heck if I know. Chances are that DeMarco Murray can help Dallas overcome Weeden's unfortunate trouble with the forward pass. I'd pick Dallas to win, even with the erratic Weeden under center. But that's not even the point.

The point revolves around Romo. It's always revolved around Romo.

He's your franchise quarterback. If the Cowboys, playing in an ultra-competitive NFC that could see a 10-win team miss the playoffs, mess around with Romo, they could cripple their chances at postseason glory.

It's just too risky to toss Romo out there on Sunday. Even if he plays and throws for 400 yards in a win, it's the wrong move.

He needs to get better physically, needs to be on point for the Cowboys' difficult schedule down the stretch.

Do the right thing, Dallas.

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