Tony Romo on retirement: 'Like I said before, I'm done'

Tony Romo can't avoid the question.

The one he'll be asked all summer long and deep into the autumn as the retired Cowboys quarterback authors a new career as the lead NFL analyst for CBS.

Are you going to play again?

Appearing on Wednesday's edition of NFLTotal Access, Romo playfully summed up his chances of returning to the field in 2017.

"Oh yeah, probably a good chance. We'll see how it plays out. I think you'll find -- I'm joking," Romo said, rolling his eyes and laughing. "Like I said before, I'm done."

In May, Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson turned heads when he said it would be "fun to speculate" on Romo exiting the broadcast booth to save Dallas if anything dire happened to second-year starter Dak Prescott.

Speaking Wednesday from the American Century Golf Tournament, Romo shrugged off the idea of an emergency return to the 'Boys in favor of growing as a color commentator -- a job few master out of the gate.

"I'm pretty happy and excited about the opportunity that was presented to me," Romo said. "I got coach [and veteran CBS play-by-play man] Jim Nantz teaching me all the tricks of the trade that I'm going to be behind on, but I'm improving fast. I'm excited about it. It gives me a chance to compete, get better and improve. I get to be passionate about the game, hopefully teach a little bit, hopefully make it a little bit entertaining along the way. It's going to be fun."

Romo's performance at CBS will be tracked closely all season. Still, nothing would match the swarming horde of speculation and wonder surrounding a return to Dallas if disaster struck under center.

It's a story that isn't going away -- and won't go away -- until Prescott survives the entire campaign.

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