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Tony Romo: Cowboys' O-line can extend my career

After watching owner Jerry Jones take a gamble on second-round pick Randy Gregory and pull out all of the stops to recruit offensive lineman La'el Collins, it appears the Dallas Cowboys are going all-in for a Super Bowl run before quarterback Tony Romo retires.

Romo, 35, believes the Cowboys' star-studded offensive line will actually help extend his playing career.

"When you have a good offensive line like we do, the thought definitely crosses your mind to ensure you do everything possible to play longer than maybe what you had envisioned," Romo said Friday, via The Dallas Morning News. "We'll reassess that in a few years. My wife will tell you, I'm talking a little more long term than I maybe had been."

He has a point. His sacks were down last year, as the Cowboys leaned on the ground attack to take pressure and hits off their quarterback.

Romo joked that he is the only player on the team getting younger, because he avoided offseason back surgery for the first time in two years.

As well as he's feeling now, Romo echoed recent sentiments from Drew Brees and Tom Brady about playing past the age of 40.

"I just think the way Jason and Stephen and Jerry have built this team over the last three or four years has been from the inside out and you're seeing the benefits of that," Romo said. "We're still going. This wasn't a one-year, two -- we're building this for the next five, six, seven years to sustain."

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