Tony Richardson announces draft pick for the J-E-T-E

If you're one of those sadists who get your kicks from taking cheap potshots at downtrodden Jets fans like me, well, I hope you're proud of yourself. Do you tell kids the truth about Santa, too? What's it like to rob a church? Monsters.

Anyway, the Jets are obviously in the midst of a pretty extensive rebuild -- using your first two draft picks on safeties should give you an idea of the construction necessary in center field alone -- and it's safe to say the upcoming Gang Green season won't feature an avalanche of Ws.

So what I'm trying to say is ... back off. The Jets fanbase is a wounded animal -- a wounded animal that's been tailgating since 7 a.m. -- but a wounded animal nonetheless. There's no reason to pile on here.

Oh hey, there's Tony Richardson, retired fullback and member of the Jets' last playoff team way back in 2010! Great to see ya, bud!

Tony, love you, but you're not helping.

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