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Tomlinson: Vikings QB Favre didn't tip his hand about 2010 plans

NEW YORK -- Brett Favre kept his plans to himself, even as he helped try to recruit running back LaDainian Tomlinson to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Tomlinson, who signed a two-year deal with the New York Jets on Sunday, said the quarterback gave no indication whether he'd return for a 20th season when they chatted about the Vikings last week.

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LaDainian Tomlinson wants to cap his career with a Super Bowl ring. The veteran running back believes the Jets can help him realize that dream.

"I would've thought that I might get a little bit of a kind of hint of what he was thinking, but no, he didn't," Tomlinson said on a conference call Tuesday. "He didn't give me a clue at all what he was thinking."

Favre played the 2008 season with the Jets after a messy split with the Green Bay Packers. He signed with the Vikings last offseason and helped them come within one victory of the Super Bowl. The team is still waiting to hear from Favre about his intentions for the 2010 season.

"I didn't ask him because I know as players, there's a lot of stuff that you deal with in the offseason and, in his case, about playing again," Tomlinson said. "So, I didn't want to get into it. He's owed that much respect to make his own decision."

Tomlinson, whom the San Diego Chargers released last month, met with Vikings officials in Minnesota last Thursday about the prospect of joining the team, and he also later heard from Favre. ESPN reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous source, that the communications between the players were by a series of text messages.

"As far as what Brett said, really, he didn't say much," Tomlinson said. "He just said both organizations are great. He told me to take my time, think about it and just make the best decision for my family and that was it."

Tomlinson said he chose the Jets because of his familiarity with the team's offensive scheme and the opportunity to play in New York. He also said the uncertainty surrounding Favre's future played no role in choosing the Jets over the Vikings.

"It really didn't because, honestly, in my mind, I don't know," Tomlinson said. "He had a great year last year and you would think he would be coming back, but that had nothing to do with it. It had no factor in the decision."

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