Tom Coughlin on Giants: 'We're on to Atlanta'

It is one thing to expect your team to move on when a loss was on the players. It is another when the coaching staff and franchise quarterback couldn't find a way to run out the clock against your division rivals.

This is a relatively new challenge for two-time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin, who isn't used to shouldering the blame for a loss (he's done it in the past, but in a way to share the burden with his players).

So what was his message?

"We've had conversations," Coughlin said, via The Daily News. "And we're on to Atlanta."

Coughlin borrowed the terse response from fellow coaching mate Bill Belichick and he's hoping it will have the same effect -- namely, people will stop asking about one of the most embarrassing losses in recent Giants history. The problem is that the loss spawned enough side bars -- who ordered Rashad Jennings not to score? -- to keep people digging all week.

Coughlin has done phenomenal things from the sidelines in the past, including a motivational job at 0-6 back in 2013 that should have earned him Coach of the Year consideration. But this is a different team and their demeanor on Sunday will be fascinating to look out for.

Are they truly on to Atlanta?

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