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Tom Coughlin, Joe Philbin on coaching hot seat

While the fate of certain coaches seems sealed, it's time for the hot seat to warm up for others as we come down the home stretch of the season.

Speaking on Sunday's NFL GameDay Morning, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the futures of Tom Coughlin and Joe Philbin could be determined by whether their respective teams sinks or swims over the season's last three games.

"I'm told by sources close to Coughlin that he does want to coach next year, he feels young, he feels healthy," Rapoport said. "He would like to be the coach of the Giants next year, and there's no guarantee that the Giants will make a coaching change, despite what everyone thinks. Some will hinge on how this team does finish down the stretch. Remember this is a very patient organization."

Already out of the playoffs, the Giants remaining schedule is today at home versus the Redskins, at the Rams and versus the Eagles.

While Joe Philbin's job seemed safe a few weeks ago, the Dolphins' recent lull has them on the outskirts of the playoffs and could cost the coach his job if his team crashes and burns against the Patriots, and home versus the Vikings and Jets.

"Some of it will depend on if the Dolphins do flail down the stretch as they have had in recent years," Rapoport said. "Talking to some players there, there is some concern over Philbin's lack of emotion, which has really been a concern over the last several years. They're a little nervous that they'll be out-schemed again in December."

"Let me give one quick nugget about this, something that really rankled the players. Philbin had them attend leadership classes, something that kept them late at the facility. They weren't sure why, they didn't really understand it."

Rapoport downplayed any Jim Harbaugh-to-Miami speculation, saying that chasing the 49ers' current head coach isn't something they plan to do if Philbin is fired.

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