Tom Coughlin happy with first pitch at Yankee Stadium

Having thrown "a split-finger down the middle" for a strike the last time he was asked to do this -- after his New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008 -- Tom Coughlin wasn't nervous Saturday before throwing out the first pitch in the Chicago White Sox-New York Yankees game at the new Yankee Stadium.

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And he was happy with the result.

"It wasn't in the dirt. It was probably high and inside, but it was close enough. I might have gotten the call," Coughlin told ESPN about his toss to Yankees catcher Russell Martin.

"You figure, here come the New York Yankees and they're waiting for this old guy to get out of the way with the first pitch, I think you always say, 'God, I hope I don't bounce it up there.'"

"When I did this before, (Derek) Jeter said to me, 'You're getting up on the mound right?' " Coughlin said. "I said, 'Yeah, I'm getting up on the mound.' And then one of the guys said, 'Don't bounce it.' "

The Yankees won 4-0 on Saturday.

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