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Tom Coughlin ends training camp with ... a spa day?

Like many teams around the league since 2013, the Giants have wholly embraced the benefits of sports science. But on Thursday, they did something that would have been unheard of for those who followed Tom Coughlin through the years.

The militaristic head coach gave his players a spa day of sorts in lieu of a final training camp practice.

Members of the team could pick between yoga, massage, pressure boot therapy and some other healthy alternatives to practice.

"It's a unique kind of a day, and I'm interested in the feedback I get from our leadership council and from the coaches," Coughlin said, via

The team began more significant and noticeable measures a year ago when they revamped the menu in the cafeteria and began tinkering with static stretching exercises after practice.

But you just know this is the development that is eating away at Coughlin on the inside. This is a coach who was told he needed to be nicer; a coach who still believes in grit and toughness.

This, though, is the NFL in 2015. It is a group of unashamed copy cats all looking to ride the latest trend into the playoffs. At least Coughlin is hoping as much.

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