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Tom Brady (thumb) questionable for Patriots vs. Jags

The intrigue surrounding Tom Brady's thumb injury will continue into Sunday.

The New England Patriots listed Brady as questionable to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Sunday's AFC Championship Game because of a hand injury.

A source close to the situation told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport that Brady suffered a cut to his right thumb during Wednesday's practice. The cut was gushing blood and required stitches, per Rapoport. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported on Saturday that running back Rex Burkhead was the anonymous Patriot who collided with Brady, causing the injury.

After not practicing Thursday, Brady was limited Friday. A source told Rapoport that Brady was "zinging it pretty good" during the session.

Brady wouldn't talk about the injury during Friday's news conference, giving only short, clipped answers about his status. The Patriots quarterback mostly vacillated between "I'm not talking about it" (when asked about his hand), and "we'll see" (when queried about his status). Brady also wore gloves on both hands during the entire media session.

Below is the full transcript of Brady's news conference, which was pushed back the past two days due to the injury:

*Question: Tom, how's your hand? *

Tom Brady: "I'm not talking about it."

*Q: Thumbs up or thumbs down for Sunday? *

TB: "We'll see."

*Q: Did you throw any footballs today? *

TB: "I'm not talking about that."

*Q: Did you practice today? *

TB: "I was out there."

*Q: How was practice? *

TB: "It was fun."

*Q: How much are you looking forward to the opportunity Sunday? *

TB: "It's a great challenge. I think the team has worked hard to get to this point, and it'll be a great game. We are playing against a really good team that's good in all phases. And we're going to have to play really well."

*Q: Do you have to be on top of your game on Sunday to beat this team? *

TB: "Absolutely. It's the best team we've faced all year. They're here for a reason. They obviously are a top-ranked defense in the league. Great players at all levels. Really well coached. Scoring a lot of points. So, we're going to have to play really well."

*Q: How confident are you that you'll be playing on Sunday? *

TB: "We'll see."

*Q: Does it worry you at all that you missed a practice when you have to be at the top of your game? *

TB: "Yeah, I would always rather practice. Absolutely."

*Q: Will you be on top of your game Sunday, physically capable? *

TB: "We'll see."

*Q: Can you talk about your relationship with Josh McDaniels since you've been together? *

TB: "He's been a great coach and a great friend. I think he's so well prepared, gets me prepared every week. He's so diligent. And just a great coach. I love playing for him. I love working with him. We've had a lot of fun together."

*Q: Can you talk a little bit about going at it with Matt Patricia during practices? *

TB: "There's a lot of that (smack talk). He's a defensive coordinator, so try to keep things lively in practice. A little friendly competition and try to get everyone juiced up a little bit."

*Q: Why are you wearing gloves at the press conference? *

TB: "I've worn them before."

*Q: When you're managing an injury is it more of a functionality of holding, gripping, throwing, or is it pain management whenever you've dealt with an injury in the past? *

TB: "They're all different. That's football."

*Q: What exactly happened on Wednesday? *

TB: "I'm not talking about it."

*Q: Is there anything you can share about the next couple of days that will determine your status between now and kickoff? *

TB: "I have no idea." (Chuckles)

*Q: How much similarity do you see in this Jaguars (defensive) scheme as you've seen with the Seahawks in the past? *

TB: "A little bit different. I think they definitely do some different things schematically. Coverage-wise, front-wise, players are a little bit different. So, it's a very unique challenge. I think their front is great. They're linebackers are very instinctive, very fast. And great cover-guys in the secondary. So, ball-hawking defense. They strip it off you, they sack you, they score I think eight or nine touchdowns on defense. So, they are a great defense."

*Q: Why are you wearing gloves inside? *

TB: "He already asked that."

*Q: You've been a high-five guy in the past, is it fair to say you'll be a fist-pump guy the rest of this week? *

TB: (laughs) "We'll see."

*Q: You had a chance to see Brian Hoyer take first team-snaps in practice yesterday, how did he look? *

TB: "Brian, he's always looked good. Brian does a great job."

*Q: Have you worked with (Hoyer) to prepare for the possibility you might not play? *

TB: "We're in the same meetings every day. We're sitting right next to each other. So whatever I'm hearing or saying, he's hearing the same thing."

*Q: Have you played in a game in more pain than you're in right now? *

TB: "I've played in a lot of games in pain, so."

*Q: Have you ever played a game in gloves? *

TB: "It's been a long time."

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