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Tom Brady: Super Bowl LI not my best game

Less than a week after authoring the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Tom Brady could be found in ski pants and sneakers -- actively downplaying his epic performance.

"I don't really think that is necessarily the case," Brady told TheMMQB's Peter King when asked if Super Bowl LI marked the finest work of his storybook career.

Tucked away in Montana on a family vacation, Brady went on to explain: "I think it was one of the greatest games I have ever played in, but when I think of an interception return for a touchdown, some other missed opportunities in the first 37, 38 minutes of the game, I don't really consider playing a good quarter-and-a-half plus overtime as one of the 'best games ever.' But it was certainly one of the most thrilling for me, just because so much was on the line, and it ended up being an incredible game.

"There are so many things that played into that game -- a high-scoring offense, a top-ranked defense, the long Super Bowl, four-and-a-half-hour game, the way that the game unfolded in the first half versus what happened in the second half ... so it was just a great game."

On the path to erasing a 28-3 Falcons lead, Brady absorbed five sacks and a handful of big hits, but told King: "I have zero pain. I feel great. I feel 100 percent."

Which is exactly why the rest of the AFC -- and anybody plotting to topple the Patriots -- should feel a strong disturbance in the Force. Instead of aging and fading away, Brady is aglow and gaining power.

Those waiting for him to crumble better not hold their breath. The greatest quarterback of all time isn't about to go away.

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