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Tom Brady sends Pats fans into frenzy by cliff jumping

Tom Brady attempted to send every Patriots fan into cardiac arrest Saturday morning.

The quarterback posted a 41-second video on his Facebook page in which he dove feet-first off a rock cliff into the water, well below.

Patriots fans proceeded to lose their minds, making the comments section of the post gold -- for anyone who is not a Pats fan, of course. It's one thing to see antics from Rob Gronkowski, apparently, but the golden-armed boy diving from cliffs appears to have caused conniptions across the New England area.

It's great to see that even with his hands encrusted in diamond rings and a quartet of Lombardi trophies lining his fireplace mantle, Brady still remains a father and husband. We all know when the wife and kids are looking on, Dad can't chicken out. Even a Super Bowl MVP dad.

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