Tom Brady reveals reasoning behind skipping OTAs

Tom Brady spent two-plus hours speaking with Howard Stern on Wednesday and gave us more insight on who he is than we'd get in an entire season or more of football.

Perhaps this is the new, Florida-based version of Brady. Gone from the tight-lipped Patriots, Buccaneer Brady is letting his personality show, at least on satellite radio with a legendary host.

Brady covered a wide range of topics, but among the most interesting was a closer look at how a future Hall of Fame quarterback with the most Super Bowl victories ever maintains his marriage with Gisele Bundchen. According to Brady, he didn't exactly have the best balance between football and life at home toward the end of his time with the Patriots, and his wife made sure to alert him of a need for improvement.

"Even though, people would see me as, 'Oh, you're Tom Brady, you have this and that and this or that,' I don't certainly see myself that way from the inside looking out," Brady said during his appearance on SiriusXM's Howard Stern Live. "And I don't think my wife sees herself, from the outside looking in, she sees herself from the inside looking out. So, what was important to her, what was important to me, is our family and our relationship and at different times, like any married couple, things needed to be changed.

"A couple years ago we had, she didn't feel like I was doing my part for the family. And she felt like I would play football all season and she would take care of the house and all of a sudden when the season would end, I'd be like 'Great, let me get into all my other business activities. Let me get into my football training.' And she's sitting there going, 'Well, when are you going to do things for the house? When are you going to take the kids to school and do that?' And that was a big part of our marriage, that I had to check myself because she's like, 'I have goals and dreams, too. It's not just do these things either so you better start taking care of things at the house.'

"I had to make a big transition in my life, and say I can't do all the things that I wanted to do for football like I used to. I got to take care of things in my family because my family situation wasn't great. She wasn't satisfied with our marriage so I had to make a change in that."

The average fan might be shocked by Brady's revelation, especially considering his brand, which outwardly emphasizes the importance of dedication to training, routine, a lack of days off and of course, pliability. But it was family flexibility that Brady needed to learn.

"Her point was, 'Well yeah of course this works for you. It all works for you but it doesn't work for me,'" he explained. "Because you can get caught up in your life where you think a relationship's great because it only works for you. And the point of a relationship, it has to work for both. You better work on both cause if you don't then ultimately it's not just sustainable."

Brady adjusted, skipping OTAs during the 2018 offseason to spend time with his family. Instead of spending his entire offseason trying to improve as a football player, the quarterback traded in his off-peak football hours for much more valuable quality time at home.

Brady admitted football has long been a top priority for him. One doesn't achieve the success he's attained in his career without dedicating the vast majority of his life to the sport. In fact, raising a family wasn't in Brady's plans when he was still in his 20s, admitting he didn't think he'd have kids until his late 30s. And by that point, he thought he'd likely be done playing.

Now he's a 42-year-old father of three gearing up for his 21st NFL season in an entirely new city after 20 years spent solely with the Patriots. This couldn't have been in the plans, but adjustments, like audibles, are necessary for any successful figure it life, be it a good parent or a Super Bowl-winning signal-caller.

Other tidbits from the Stern interview:

--Stern asked Brady if he'd let his kids play football, even with the risk of injury in a contact sport, and Brady gave a resounding yes.

"Absolutely. Yeah ... There's something about contact sports that teaches you about respect, discipline that you don't get in non-contact sports," Brady said.

--With Tuesday's reveal of the Buccaneers' new uniforms, Brady merchandise sales exploded. According to Fanatics, more Brady merchandise was sold Tuesday than the previous 17 days combined, spiking over 3,000 percent day-over-day and making him the top-selling athlete across all sports. The Buccaneers became the top-selling team as a result, with much of those sales likely coming from brand new No. 12 jerseys.

--Brady and Stern discussed the quarterback's friendship and relationship with President Donald Trump and the necessary boundaries associated, with Brady explaining Trump asked him to speak at the Republican National Convention in 2016, but he declined to do so.

"The political support is totally different from the support of a friend," Brady said. ... "I didn't want to get into all the political (arena)."

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