Tom Brady 'open-minded' about where he could play

Tom Brady's future is a topic that isn't going to just disappear into the abyss of the offseason.

Until it is determined where the quarterback will be playing in 2020, we're going to continue to ask for updates. As of now, Brady is happy to respond -- he just isn't giving an indication one way or another.

"I am open-minded about the process and at the same time I love playing football and want to continue to play and do a great job," Brady said on a recent Westwood One appearance, via NBC Sports Boston. "I am looking to what is ahead. Whatever the future may bring, I will embrace it with open arms."

We're headed toward a Super Bowl that won't include the Patriots for the first time since the 2015 season, as Brady's group was eliminated by the Tennessee Titans on Wild Card Weekend. We could be headed toward a future that includes Brady, but in a different uniform.

The final two years of Brady's contract will automatically void on the first day of the new league year, rendering him a free agent. He can't be franchise tagged, per a provision in that same contract that prevents it. This combination brings us to one reality: Either Brady signs a new deal with New England or signs somewhere else.

Like his most recent quote, the quarterback hasn't leaned one way or the other, at least not through his public comments. He did take a moment to thank Patriots fans after their team's early elimination, and tacked on a guarantee he'd be playing again in 2020, saying he'll place himself "in the arena again ... because I know I still have more to prove."

An open mind could mean he's open to a variety of contract offers and structures. Or it could mean he's open to a variety of employers, both familiar and new.

The hand-wringing, which will likely happen all over New England in the weeks ahead, should be limited if one is wise. Get comfortable. We're going to hear more of this before Brady's future is decided.

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