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Tom Brady now endorsing a car you can't afford

Tom Brady is back in the news. No, it's not in response to his wife saying he has experienced concussions.

The New England Patriots quarterback announced on Friday he partnered with luxury car company Aston Martin.

As if you needed a reminder that Brady lives a life well beyond 98 percent of the rest of us, the 2017 Aston Martin DB11 Brady is endorsing (and will drive) starts at only $211,995.

Aston Martin generally makes about 4,000 luxury cars a year, fewer than 1,000 of which are sold in the United States, per ESPN. The car company hopes Brady's presence will help build brand awareness, even if most fans of the quarterback couldn't fathom purchasing one of its vehicles.

In a press release, Aston Martin announced the partnership will include a "collaboration" between Brady and the car company's chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, in which the duo "will explore their affinity for The Love of Beautiful via a new content series entitled Category of One, premiering later this year."

(Sidebar: Please re-read that quote. "THEIR AFFINITY FOR THE LOVE OF BEAUTIFUL." Dies)

The group even gave us a sneak peek:

Look at Brady goofing with that camera and making people laugh! Just a normal guy and his ridiculously expensive car.

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