Tom Brady: Not perfect, but no complaints about 8-1

Over the initial eight weeks of the NFL season, Tom Brady and the Patriots were afforded the luxury of waking up winners the day after every game.

In Week 9, though, New England suffered its first loss to the Ravens and had a bye week to dwell on it. Still, Brady said nobody's about to complain in regards to such a stellar start as the Patriots are off to.

"It hasn't all been perfect, but 8-1, I don't think anyone's going to complain about that," Brady told Scott Zolak when asked about the current state of the Patriots on Friday's episode of Patriots All Access, via

Led in large part by a tenacious defense, the Patriots first eight games were mostly blowouts against over-matched opposition. Coming off the Ravens' loss and the bye week, though, New England faces four straight foes who currently possess winning records -- the Eagles, Cowboys, Texans and Chiefs.

There are no complaints, but Brady is aware that the road ahead is more arduous and all the more important week by week.

"We're ready to attack the second half of the year and play our best football," Brady said. "This is our chance, this is our opportunity. We put ourselves in a good position, but everything is ahead of us. It's our choice -- what are we going to be?"

The Patriots won't be perfect, that was a fate sealed by the Ravens. Aside from a collapse of ridiculous proportions, they will be a postseason team yet again. If Brady and the reigning Super Bowl champions can enter the playoffs free of complaints about the final seven games, then it's likely they'll be in prime position for a repeat.

"I think our entire season is determined by what happens from this point on," Brady said. "We've had our ups and downs; certainly our defense has been playing great, and offensively, I hope we can get some continuity and grow and learn. Become the version that we'd all expect ourselves to become."

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