Tom Brady not a fan of 'TNF' penalties: 'Let us play'

Sloppy conditions in Jacksonville have given way to sloppy play and, at least according to one future Hall of Fame quarterback, even sloppier refereeing.

Folks, we've lost him. The G.O.A.T. has cut the cord.

Fifteen penalties were called over the course of the first half of the Jacksonville Jaguars' 20-7 win over the Tennessee Titans, including seven offensive holding calls and one roughing the passer decision on Gardner Minshew.

Five more penalties were called in the second half, three of which were enforced, meaning a grand total of 20 flags were thrown during the game.

Thursday night's surge in penalties on national television came on the heels of an historic two-week stretch in terms of offensive holding infractions. Through two weeks, 63 more offensive holding penalties have been called (77.8 percent increase) and 44 more have been accepted (63.8 percent increase) in 2019 than 2018, per NFL Research.

Whether the sour weather, the divisional rivalry or a new league emphasis on holding penalties was to blame for the first half's number of penalties is not totally clear.

Regardless, Brady has had enough of the errant laundry. And he's not the only one...

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