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Tom Brady: 'I'm a (bleeping) machine' in cold weather

Bill Belichick refused to recognize that weather exists Thursday at his press conference, choosing not to admit that a wind chill in the single digits is, indeed, cold weather. Thankfully, his players were more forthcoming.

So, Tom Brady: What's your routine for getting ready in the cold?

"I know exactly what to wear. I know how many layers to wear every degree," Brady told CSNNE's Tom Curran on Wednesday. "I'm a (bleeping) machine, man, I'm a (bleeping) machine! C'mon baby!"

(Brady made the statement, it must be noted, through a black polyester headwarmer that covers everything but his nose and eyes.)

This is the part where we tell you how good Brady has been in cold weather. He's won 44 games and lost seven games when the temperature is under 40 degrees, which sounds insane until you realize that's not too atypical of his home record as a pro. And most of his cold games, of course, have come in Foxborough.

The projected temperature for Saturday in New England is a high of 21 degrees, so the (bleeping) machine will be out in full force. 

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