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Tom Brady dips toe back into world of sketch comedy

No doubt spurred on by Eli Manning's workmanlike performance on "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month, Tom Brady has stepped into the world of digital shorts to hone his acting chops.

In the sketch, "Tom Brady's Wicked Accent," the New England Patriots quarterback is harassed by a clueless sporting goods store employee (played by "Community" star David Neher) who sees Brady not as a hugely famous athlete but instead a guy with a nearly indecipherable Boston accent.

The high point comes when Brady -- who seems to have taken some acting classes since his own "SNL" stint in 2005 (definitely Gisele's idea) -- snaps when asked if he'd like a glass of "wahhh-tah" or baked beans:

"No, you know why? Because I'm not from Boston! I'm from California!" said Brady, who's also mistaken for Matt Damon by customers. "I'm a native Californian, I went to Michigan, now I play for New England! I'm the (expletive deleted) quarterback, you moron!"

He then proceeds to physically assault the store employee. Obviously, you're going to watch this now.

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