Tom Brady baffled how Gronk came up with tough grab

Tom Brady's reaction to Rob Gronkowski's amazing catch Sunday against the Broncos pretty much summed up what we were all thinking.

"How the (bleep) did you catch that?" the Patriots quarterback said in a Mic'd Up sound bite that was revealed yesterday by ESPN.

To say he is back is an understatement.

Now, according to Brady, Gronkowski is feared again.

"Imagine trying to cover that," Brady told reporters in New England on Wednesday. "We did a lot of work in training camp. Darrelle (Revis) was covering him, and Gronk was trying to do some rehabilitation stuff like that. You know he just gets great body position. He's such a big guy, it's hard to go through him."

The work with Revis is an interesting side note, especially because Gronkowski's precision on routes seems to be better than ever.

The mismatches Gronkowski is creating have helped turn around the narrative that Brady doesn't have enough weapons.

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