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Todd Gurley: Concern over knee 'is small' problem

Speculation overTodd Gurley's left knee injury, which hampered him down the stretch of the 2018 season, does not trouble the running back. As Gurley told reporters Tuesday, he's dealt with much worse before.

"I had bigger problems to worry about coming out of college," Gurley said Tuesday at the start of Rams mandatory minicamp. "This is small."

The Rams running back is referencing his injuries while at the University of Georgia from 2012 through 2014. Gurley missed three games in 2013 with a high ankle sprain and most notably suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, the same one that was bothering him last season, in November 2014.

Gurley chose to forego his senior year and declared for the 2015 draft, but was feared to fall draft boards because of his durability issues. The Rams ended up selecting him with the 10th overall pick as the first RB off the board. Gurley missed the entire preseason and the first three games of the 2015 regular season before making his debut in late September.

The running back didn't miss a single game due to injury after that ... until Week 16 of the 2018 season.

Given all that, dealing with an reportedly arthritic knee -- or more accurately, reports of an arthritic knee -- don't bother Gurley none.

"I've be hearing stuff all my life. Just whatever growing up. Hearing comments or whatever that is. All of the stuff don't really get to me," Gurley said. "I feel like I do a great job, got a great supporting cast. ... It's football. It's the game I've been playing my whole life, so it's nothing new to me. I know what I'm capable of. I know what type of person I am. No big deal to me."

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