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Titans' Derrick Morgan 'learned a lot' from Jared Allen

Former NFL defensive end Jared Allen understands how to get to the opposing quarterback.

Allen finished an accomplished 12-year playing career as a four-time All-Pro with 136 total sacks, which ranks 11th all-time in league history.

So, when Allen moved to Nashville last year and offered to share knowledge on his craft with the Tennessee Titans, his gesture was welcomed during the early stages of the offseason workout program.

"Anything we can get around our players that can help us, great," first-year Titans coach Mike Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the Titans' official website. "Having an idea of things he could do to help our team and to help our players, we were able to get him out here and work with some guys in the Phase 2 program where a lot of that is individual drills and position specific development.

"The more he can be around here and working with one or two guys, I think that is key, trying to do things to help our players improve."

Outside linebacker Derrick Morgan, whose 7.5 sacks in 2017 led the Titans defense, appreciated spending time with Allen.

"We looked at some film from last year, and he was able to break down things and critique different techniques," Morgan said, via the team's website. "I learned a lot from him in 60 minutes."

An enhanced Titans pass rush equipped with Allen's advice on the best practices to disrupt quarterbacks should cause concern for opposing teams.

Tennessee's defense ranked 13th overall in 2017, and Vrabel inherited a pass rush that has been consistently good in generating sacks over the past three seasons.

The Titans tied for fifth in the league in 2017 with 43 sacks, tied for sixth in 2016 with 40 and tied for 12th in 2015 with 39.

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