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Titans coordinator doesn't want players bullied vs. Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens can't seem to go one week without getting involved in some sort of trash talk or accusations of dirty play.

This week, it's Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray threatening to retaliate if the Ravens play dirty against Tennessee in Nashville this Sunday.

"They're trying to cut you and do those things," Gray told the Tennessean on Thursday. "You've got to make sure you're doing something that's hopefully going to hurt them, too. You can't just be the recipient of everything. You've got to start doing something that's going to get you back on track and hopefully they'll tone that stuff down when you do something else."

After Baltimore crushed Pittsburgh, 35-7, last Sunday, some Steelers accused the Ravens of using cut blocks and chop blocks to help spring running back Ray Rice for over 100 yards. No such penalties were called against the Ravens in that game.

Also this week, Titans running back Chris Johnson said some of the Ravens tried to hurt him during a 2009 playoff game between the teams.

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