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Titans, Browns have reasons for hope in regular season

Losing in the preseason can actually be a good thing, as I explain in part one of this column. Now, here are the rest of my thoughts from Week 2...

» I like the look of the Titans so far this preseason. Their pad level is down and they are more physical than in the past two years. When they get Chris Johnson back, they have a chance to be good. Their offensive line is playing well, and when your line is good, chances are the team follows suit.

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» Colt McCoy has played better for the Browns than I expected -- and I am looking forward to seeing him this week against the Eagles. I am still concerned about his ability to handle pressure and driving the ball, which he will have to do against the better teams and schemes when the regular season begins.

» The Redskins cannot make any concrete evaluations about John Beck based on his play against the Colts. Indianapolis plays it basic in the preseason and its coverages are easy to diagnose. This week in Baltimore will be a better indication for the Redskins if Beck is a legitimate NFL starting quarterback.

» It is tough to tell what the Bills did not like about receiver Lee Evans, but he will really help the Ravens. His speed and his play-making ability are something the offense really needed.

» Speaking of speed, the Chiefs need a fast receiver to help their offense, which is something they tried to address by taking Jonathan Baldwin in the first round. Baldwin has had some issues in his short time in Kansas City and does not appear ready to make a contribution. The Chiefs are going to need to create big plays, or else they will struggle on offense.

» If Kevin Kolb keeps holding the ball too long, the Cardinals will not be able to keep him healthy this season. Kolb had trouble cutting it loose during his time in Philadelphia and those issues appear to have followed him to Arizona.

» I know Pete Carroll is committed to Tarvaris Jackson as quarterback of the Seahawks, but I would be nervous about his play. Some might say it is too early to judge, but, in reality, Jackson should know the offense better than anyone since he spent his entire career working with Seahawks coordinator Darrell Bevell in Minnesota.

» Running back Ben Tate went from the doghouse to the penthouse with his play for the Texans this past weekend. Finally healthy, Tate looked exceptional running in Houston's zone schemes and finally showed himself worthy of his second-round draft status from a year ago.

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