Tim Tebow stock watch: Where will he play in 2012?

We thought Tebow Watch was over. We should have known that nothing with Tim Tebow is ever that simple.

The Jets announced on Twitter that they agreed to trade for Tebow. Hours later, we learned that New York didn't read the fine print on Tebow's contract and he was back up for grabs.

It could result in an embarrassing situation for the Jets. And it creates an opportunity for the Jaguars. Tebow Watch lives! (At least for a few more hours.)

Why the Jaguars are a good fit: The prodigal son returns? Jaguars owner Shad Khan previously said the team would have drafted Tebow if Khan had been around in 2010. There isn't obvious room for Tebow in Jacksonville (see below), but ownership could push to create some in an effort to sell tickets to a fan base that needs inspiration.

 **Why the Jaguars are a bad fit:** The 
 Jaguars' front office reportedly had no initial interest in Tebow, and the team just signed Chad Henne to compete with 
 Blaine Gabbert. 
 **Latest news:** NFL Network's Jeff Darlington spoke to Robby Tebow, Tim's brother. Robby says that 
 the Jaguars are back in the mix. Tebow wants to play in Florida and the 
 Jaguars now have a chance to complete a Tebow-like last-minute comeback. 

Why the Jets are a good fit: No team craves headlines and "juice" more than the Jets. They don't want to see the headlines if they both this trade. Tebow would own New York and help owner Woody Johnson build the Jets brand. New offensive coordinator Tony Sparano coached the original Wildcat formation in Miami, and Tebow could fit in with a run-first approach.

 **Why the Jets are a bad fit:** 
 Jets fans, not to mention the tabloids, would call for 
 Mark Sanchez to be benched after the first bad pass of the year. The 
 Jets are trying to cut down on distractions, not create them. 
 **Latest news:** It looks like 
 the Jets might blow this. If nothing else, they should be motivated to finish the deal in order to salvage the franchise's remaining dignity. 

Why the Rams are a good fit: Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and coach Jeff Fisher like a run-first approach. Schottenheimer liked to use the Wildcat in New York. Tebow would also help sell tickets to an apathetic fan base.

 **Why the Rams are a bad fit:** They already have a supposed franchise quarterback. Taking 
 Sam Bradford off the field could hurt his development. Tebow could also cause Bradford to suffer flashbacks to when Tebow beat Bradford's Oklahoma team in the BCS Championship. 
 **Latest news:**NFL Network's Michael Lombardi 
 reports the Rams were "strongly interested" in acquiring Tebow. They are a dark horse candidate to get back involved. 

Why the Packers are a good fit: Mike McCarthy spoke highly of Tebow before he came out of Florida. The Packers have room to develop a backup, and McCarthy's "quarterback school" could teach Tebow the fundamentals he currently lacks.

 **Why the Packers are a bad fit:** They have a certain MVP quarterback who needs snaps. The 
 Packers love to operate under the radar; Tebow owns the radar. 
 **Latest news:** 
 ESPN Milwaukee confirms that the 
 Packers' interest is legitimate. 
 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel believes Green Bay would only be willing to give up a late-round pick. 

Why the Bills are a good fit: The Bills do make football sense. Chan Gailey is perhaps the NFL's best at getting creative with mobile quarterbacks, making him the rare coach who would know what to do with Tebow. He could upgrade the backup position behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey could create packages for Tebow on the goal line and in short yardage, like he once did for Kordell Stewart.

 **Why the Bills are a bad fit:** Tebow surely aspires to be more than the next "Slash," but he might not have any better options in 2012. 
 **Latest news:**There is a "mystery team" that has shown interest in Tebow, it doesn't look like it's the 

Why the Dolphins are a good fit: Tebow misses his home state, and the Dolphins miss having a quarterback with star wattage. Tebow might be the NFL's biggest celebrity. Miami essentially held Tim Tebow Day last season to sell tickets when the QB was a member of the Broncos. Why not make it Tim Tebow Year?

 **Why the Dolphins are a bad fit:** It doesn't make football sense. Tebow doesn't appear to fit what new coach 
 Joe Philbin is looking for in a quarterback. The team also 
 added former Jaguars quarterback David Garrard on Monday. Would the 
 Dolphins have a three-way competition between Tebow, Garrard and incumbent 
 Matt Moore? 
 **Latest news:**All indications suggest the 
 want Moore to compete with Garrard for the starting quarterback job. 
 Dolphins fans are not amused. 
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