Tim Tebow says he's excited to work with Jets' Sanchez

Tim Tebow looked every part the starting quarterback of the New York Jets during his introductory press conference Monday.

He calmly answered every question thrown his way with a swagger and grace befit of a guy No. 1 on the depth chart.

Except, of course, Tebow is not the Jets' starter. That role currently belongs to Mark Sanchez, and the potential quarterback controversy was one of the main topics for reporters Monday.

"Me and Mark have a great relationship," Tebow said. "We've been friends the past three years and have already texted back and forth. We are going to have a great working relationship and I think we'll have a lot of fun together."

"From my conversations with (Sanchez), he was excited and he was excited about working with me," Tebow added. "I'm excited about working with him. I have a lot of respect for him as a football player. He's always handled himself with so much class and integrity, and he's won a lot of football game as a quarterback. And I think we'll have a great working relationship and we talked about that, just supporting one another in our roles."

Jets coach Rex Ryan told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora during an exclusive interview that will air at 7 p.m. ET Monday on "NFL Total Access," that the team will ensure that Tebow sees plenty of time on the field.

"Tim is going to be a major contributor to our football team," Ryan said. "With the Wildcat specifically, the great thing is you don't know if we're going to run it one snap a game or 20 snaps a game -- you have no idea. Every week, it could be different. That's some of the preparation problems he gives you."

Asked if he was OK with assuming a role other than quarterback, Tebow said Monday he's willing to do whatever it take to help the Jets win games.

"I've always said that I'm a football player first and then a quarterback -- although that is my dream, that's what I want to be," Tebow said. "That's what I think I am, is a quarterback. But however I can help the team and however I can make a difference. However they can use me I would be open to it, and I would work as hard."

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