Tim Tebow, flair for the dramatic still intact, goes deep

Yes, Tim Tebow is still doing the baseball thing.

After a rough spring training in which the 29-year-old New York Mets farmhand was routinely overmatched and outright blown away by both reigningCy Young award winners, Tebow is trying to make his mark with the Mets' Class A Columbia Fireflies affiliate.

In his debut on Thursday night, Tebow struck out three times and grounded out. But he also did this in his first at-bat ...

You have to give the man credit: Tebow might be a fatally flawed player no matter which professional sport he pursues, but he possesses a rare brand of competitive DNA that allows him to create a moment. He had no business beating Steelers in a playoff game, just as he had no business belting an oppo-field bomb last night. But he did both -- because he has that gift.

Guys like Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan became legends because they combined otherworldly physical talents with The Gift. Tebow only has half the equation, but what he brings physically is just enough to occasionally summon special moments.

"All of my sports experiences helped me for moments like that," Tebow said after the Fireflies' 14-7 win over the Augusta GreenJackets, per ESPN.com. "Playing in The Swamp or Death Valley or in Mile High Stadium in the playoffs, they all helped.

"So much about sports is handling moments and handling pressure."

That's The Gift. He'll always have that.

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