Tim Brown: Bill Callahan belongs as a position coach

Future Hall of Famer Tim Brown thinks that Washington made the right move this offseason by bringing in Bill Callahan to coach up the Redskins' offensive line.

"I would say this and I mean this sincerely, I thought Bill Callahan was the best X and O coach I've ever been around," Brown told WTEM-AM, via CSN Washington. "His ability to draw plays in the dirt on the sideline and get us out of situations and what he did with the offensive line at that time was amazing."

Brown was wildly productive during Callahan's years with Oakland, hauling in 471 passes for 6,146 yards and 39 touchdowns over six seasons in his mid-to-late thirties, a bump that undoubtedly secured Brown's upcoming enshrinement.

But when asked why Callahan isn't still a head coach, Brown said his strength lies in the ability to design plays from a distance, free of all other administrative duties.

That's why Washington is fortunate.

"I just think when it came to making big decisions he had a difficult time," Brown said. "He belongs as a position coach, not as a head coach. It was too big of a gig for him, but he's a smart guy. You can't be a coach in the NFL at that position and not be a smart guy. That's all I'll say about Bill Callahan."

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