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Thomas Davis: We didn't like Cam's Titanic comparison

Cam Newton's attempt to compare Carolina's season to history's most glaring seafaring disaster did not sit well with his teammates.

"Yeah, we just lost a great player but nevertheless, the Titanic still has to go," Newton said Sunday when asked to assess the absence of wideout Kelvin Benjamin, shipped to Buffalo in a trade-deadline stunner.

Cam was dangerously low on facts when it came to the fate of the Titanic, but he's up to speed now after catching an earful in the locker room.

"Absolutely. You know we definitely did that. We gave him a hard time about that," linebacker Thomas Davis told PFT Live. "We're not trying to be that ship that sinks."

Pro Football Talk pointed out that Newton was merely eight years old when James Cameron's Titanic hit theaters. It appears Young Cam didn't watch Jack draw Rose like one of his French girls -- or see Jack sink forever into the deathly sea.

The Titanic took a tragic dirtnap. Panthers players hope their fate is a tad less ominous.

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