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Thomas Davis: Saints ran up score on Panthers in 2013

There is clearly little working in Carolina, which is why veteran linebacker Thomas Davis decided to take his own approach.

Davis, who is gearing up for a game against the Saintsthis Sunday, accused his opponent of running up the score on Carolina last year, a 31-13 loss. It never hurts to manufacture a little aggression now and again.

In the game Davis was talking about, New Orleans was up 21-6 at the half, but did punch in a fourth-quarter touchdown. It wouldn't be even close to some of the more egregious examples we've seen of late, but here's Davis to explain:

"They got a big lead on us and they were still dropping back trying to throw the ball deep," Davis said, via The Charlotte Observer. "That speaks volumes when you have a team down and it's late in the fourth quarter and you're still trying to throw the ball deep.

"That's their offense. That's their team. They can run it, do whatever they want to do. But that's a sign of disrespect."

As the Observer noted, Saints coach Sean Payton was calling some passing plays very late in the game despite it being well in hand. Davis, for his part, has had issues with the Saints and their late-game play calling for years.

But there is truly only one way to stop the trend, and Davis knows that. He just hopes bringing it up will add a little extra fuel.

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