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Thomas Davis: Saints fans 'disgraceful'

The Saintson Sunday were a disgrace on the field. So were their fans, according to Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.

Davis told reporters after Carolina's 41-10 win that he was annoyed to see elements of the Superdome crowd cheer an apparent injury to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

"There's really no place for that," Davis said, per "That's something that as a player, you never want to see a guy get hurt. When the fans are cheering because they think a guy is hurt, that's disgraceful."

Newton stayed in the game and told reporters he was unfazed by the boo-birds.

"I didn't hear it," Cam said. "I just took a shot. Trying to collect my thoughts. And if they were booing, hey, we're in New Orleans, I'm pretty sure they are pretty excited about their guys."

Not after "their guys" laid a massive, stinking egg atop the Superdome turf on Sunday. Applauding an injury is shady, but the Saints didn't help by giving fans zero to cheer about in a fourth straight loss at home.

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