There are a number of good young QBs, who would you want?

Another week, more seemingly controversial revelations in the NFL Top 100. Brandon Lloyd falling behind Marques Colston? A center and a guard in the top 60? But maybe the biggest surprise was Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan coming in at No. 52.

Ryan is ahead of some of the other young quarterbacks in the game: Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford (who aren't on the list), as well as Joe Flacco and Josh Freeman.

But is it deserved?

We will put that question to you. Is Ryan the best of the young guns (quarterbacks with three years or less)? We will present five blind resumes, and it's up to you to decide which quarterback you want. (These won't be hard to figure out, just try to play along.)

Quarterback No. 1

A first-round pick, this quarterback is only the fourth rookie QB in NFL history to win two playoff games in his rookie season. He might not have the statistics, but he has led his team to consecutive conference championship game appearances.

Quarterback No. 2

This player was a former first-round pick, started every game as a rookie leading his team to the playoffs while picking up NFL Rookie of the Year honors. He led his team to the best record in the conference during his third season and has a career passer rating of 86.9.

Quarterback No. 3

This former Heisman Trophy winner set an NCAA record for touchdown passes as a freshman and was selected the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. He nearly led his once-dreadful franchise to the playoffs during his first season.

Quarterback No. 4

This first-round pick started nine games as a rookie but really came into his own during his second season. He started all 16 games and threw 25 touchdowns with only six interceptions while nearly leading his team to the playoffs.

Quarterback No. 5

This quarterback became just the fourth signal-caller to bring his team to the playoffs in his first three seasons in the NFL. He's only the third rookie QB in NFL history to win his first postseason start -- and the first to do it on the road. He is his club's career leader in passing yards and touchdowns.

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