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The Super Bowl Anti-Party


*Our Fantasy Editor and sad Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Matt Franciscovich, writes why the best place to watch the Super Bowl is alone. Note: the photo above is not him. He has a wonderful head of hair. *

I'm definitely watching the Super Bowl. You're definitely not invited, though.

Not to be rude about it or anything, but there's something unappealing about all of the parties and get-togethers for the big game. People surround themselves with a bunch of good friends, maybe some family if they're close by, and have a great time. For some, that's what it's all about, which is just fine and dandy. You should do what makes you happy and enjoy the day, especially if you're a Patriots or Seahawks fan.

But that's not how I'm rolling on Super Bowl Sunday.

I'm not going out to a bar or a friend's apartment, nor am I having anyone over to my place. It's the last NFL game of the season, and I'm going to sit on my couch and soak up every sweet second of football action that I can. Alone. That's right. Just me, my dog Bruno and maybe a libation or two.

Perhaps it's the introvert in me. Or maybe I've become a football snob.

You see, there's nothing I enjoy more than watching a game by my lonesome. Just me and my thoughts, getting a feel for the game flow and momentum shifts throughout. I'll put the sound bar on full-bore and really get into it.

Watching a game with friends is fun, but by the time the game ends, I find myself asking questions about what has happened because I've missed half of the action. When did they get up by three points? Why is that player limping? That call got overturned!?

See what I'm saying?

Plus, if I'm out somewhere I'm always preoccupied with refilling my beverage, making sure I secure a fresh burger hot off the grill, waiting in line for the restroom or texting my buddy on the opposite coast about how crazy the game is.

And there's nothing worse than all the people at the party or bar who don't even care about football. They're just there for the social aspect of it. It is, after all, one of the most American days of the year.

So while all the fake football fans are tweeting selfies from whatever party they're at while they do Fireball shots, I'll be on the edge of my couch holding my breath on every run, throw and kick in hopes for a game-changing play.

Before I know it, it'll be the third quarter, and a feeling of sadness and anxiety will set in, which stems from the realization that there are literally mere minutes of NFL football left in the season. Seriously, the regular season game action is something like 200 days away once the Super Bowl ends.

So, there is reason enough to savor every moment of the final game whether you're a Patriots fan, a Seahawks fan or just a fan of the game. I'm not really rooting for either team because honestly, I'm a Steeler fan. I'm just looking for a great game because when all is said and done, that's what we'll remember most. So, please, let me grab my drink. And, more importantly, leave me alone.

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