"The Philly Special" is a trick play from Foles' High School

It's fourth-and-one from the goal line, would you go for it? Well, the Eagles did, and they scored on one of the wildest plays in Super Bowl history. Philadelphia QB Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass from TE Trey Burton to put the Eagles up 22-12 before halftime. However, Foles might have been familiar with the play long before Super Bowl LII, because it was used at his high school.

Foles who is from Austin, Texas, attended Westlake High School, where he took them to a Texas State Championship appearance in 2006. A perennial football powerhouse, the school has had several well known NFL'ers play in their program including, Drew Brees, Foles, and Justin Tucker, but former Westlake quarterback and current University of Texas starting QB Sam Ehlinger solved the trick play.

If you think these plays look identical, you aren't wrong. Westlake called this play "Money 5", while the Eagles named it the "Philly Special." Regardless of the name, the play, when executed perfectly, creates the same outcome -- a touchdown.

A day after the big game, Foles saw Ehlinger's post on Twitter and in a press conference said, "I guess it's a Westlake quarterback thing."

With the popularity of the play, I think we'll be seeing more of the "Philly Special" on Fridays and Sundays on gridirons across the nation.

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