The NFL Up! Post-Thanksgiving Workout

Stuffed from your Thanksgiving smorgasboard of goodies? Feel like you've added five pounds from cousin Annalisa's *salted caramel apple pie?  Well, NFL Up! has a post-Thanksgiving workout inspired by your favorite NFL players. So, get Up! from that couch!


Repeat the below circuit 3 times. Rest 20-30 seconds in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up. Remember to stretch before and after your workout.* For more tips on stretching, check out these excercises and drills.*

1. Seated Overhead Med Ball Toss (Focus: Core)
The seated overhead med ball toss works your core and can help improve your speed. Reps: 10-15

2. Lateral box jump (Focus: Cardio)
This drill will improve lateral movement and explosion at the same time.  Reps: 6-8

3. Towel Slide Push-Up (Focus: Upper Body)
A strong core is the basis for all athletic movements. This drill helps improve core and upper body strength. Reps: 5 each arm

4. Reverse Towel Lunge (Focus: Lower Body)
This drill works to increase hip flexibility and stride length, the keys to becoming a faster athlete.Reps: 4 each leg

5. Lunge Press (Focus: Legs)
The lunge press improves an athlete's ability to move rapidly in all directions.Reps: 5 each leg

6. Hill Runs (Focus: Cardio)
Improve your overall conditioning with hill runs. Find a short hill and start running!Reps: Run up and down the hill 5 times

7. Back Pedal Drill (Focus: Cardio)
Switch your forward runs to the back pedal for added conditioning. Reps: Back pedal up and down the hill 5 times

8. Fire Hydrants (Focus: Hips)
To be a superstar athlete or workout warrior you need great hips. Improve your hip flexibility with this drill. Reps: 10 each leg

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