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The NFL's top 10 jersey numbers of all time

   A multitude of players at several positions have worn No. 21, perhaps none better than 
  Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders and future 
  Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson. 
   When you think of No. 34, you think of bruising running backs who would prefer to run through you than around you. The exception, of course, would be Walter Payton, who might even go over you. 
   In the San Franciso area, Jerry Rice was and still is referred to as No. 80. Other "80s" -- like James Lofton and Kellen Winslow -- have ended up in the 
  Hall of Fame but still need their names. 
   Some refer to Jim Brown as the best player to ever play in the NFL, but other great running backs have donned No. 32, including six of the top 20 rushers of all time. 
   It fit perfectly on the backs of some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The No. 12 has been worn by seven Hall of Famers and by quarterbacks who have made 22 
  Super Bowl starts. 

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