The Locker Room Podcast: Living the "Pass Rush Lifestyle" with Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy 

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome back 6-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to the show. What's the secret of getting to the QB from the DT position? According to Gerald you need to have a plan…and a book a la Aaron Donald (2:34). MRob asks how you read your opponent (3:43) before McCoy explains "winning the rep" versus "losing slowly" (5:12). Find out the last thing a QB wants to see and how to show it to him (6:50), and why studying your opponent shouldn't stop on the football field (8:34). McCoy shares what Warren Sapp taught him about the pass rush "lifestyle" (9:34), and how an offensive lineman taught him that being nice can be mean (10:47). Coach discovers how McCoy finds the one-on-ones in a world of double team blocks (12:06), and MRob gets schooled on stopping Lamar Jackson (14:24). Finally, Aaron, Drew, Tom or Peyton: find out which QB McCoy had the most fun sacking (16:30).

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