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The 'Hot 100' prospects for the 2010 draft

The depth of this year's draft is excellent at several positions. Usually there are one or two weak positions, but that is not the case in 2010. The strongest positions are defensive tackle, running back and cornerback.

The quality of this draft class is such that there is really very little difference in guys ranked from 20 to 48 on any given list of the top prospects. That could lead to more teams drafting for a specific need as opposed to the best available player, and it could also lead to more trades during draft weekend.

That's also a reason why it's not as important to rank these players specifically 1 through 100 -- but rather, in tiered groupings of 10.

With that in mind, here is my list of the "Hot 100" draft prospects, listed alphabetically within their tiers:

Tier One (1-10 listed alphabetically)

**Eric Berry**, S, Tennessee
5-11 5/8, 211
Smart, with excellent ball skills. Former cornerback with outstanding athleticism. High-character person.

**Sam Bradford**, QB, Oklahoma
6-4 ¼, 236
A natural leader, athletic and very accurate. Threw 50 touchdown passes in 2008.

**Bryan Bulaga**, OT, Iowa
6-5 3/8, 314
An outstanding run blocker in the zone blocking system. He is mean and aggressive, and has been very well coached.

**Bruce Campbell**, OT, Maryland
6-5 3/8, 314
Has outstanding size, speed and athletic ability, though he did not play well at Maryland. He is a high risk/reward type of player.

**Jimmy Clausen**, QB, Notre Dame
6-2 5/8, 222
A very accurate passer. He threw only four interceptions in 2009 -- and one of those was a fluke that bounced off a player's back. He can work under center or in the shotgun. Well coached by Charlie Weis.

**Rolando McClain**, LB, Alabama
6-3 3/8, 254
Very smart, and well coached. A very competitive player, who can play all three downs. Good blitzer.

**Gerald McCoy**, DT, Oklahoma
6-4 1/8, 295
Outstanding athlete who is very quick. He is comparable to Tommie Harris of the Bears. Plays with very good technique.

**Russell Okung**, OT, Oklahoma State
6-5 ¼, 307
His 38-inch arms and great footwork make him an outstanding pass protector. Four-year starter in a good program. Was great in college against top pass rushers.

**Ndamukong Suh**, DT, Nebraska
6-3 7/8, 307
Very strong and very athletic, he has outstanding quickness and a motor that never stops. He can play end if needed.

**Trent Williams**, OT, Oklahoma
6-4 5/8, 315
Has outstanding fundamentals for the system. Well coached, he can play right or left tackle. Has a very good punch.

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