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The Greatest Football Movie Ever -- The Winner

Sports is often a backdrop for a larger story of the human spirit. But "North Dallas Forty" is one of the few movies I can find that really takes on the realities of the sport head on, like a lumbering ball carrier. There have been many football movies over the years that have done some things well, but few lack the total package as "North Dallas Forty"

Think of "North Dallas Forty" of being at the combine compared to some of the other great football movies. "Any Given Sunday" might have been flashier. "Remember the Titans" had Denzel Washington and a great soundtrack. "Varsity Blues" had Ali Larter (and that's all I'll say about that). But the sum of the parts for "North Dallas Forty" pushes it over the goal line.

"North Dallas Forty" took a critical look at the world of football (through the eyes of former Cowboys player Peter Gent), as it veered into places it had never been before. And quite honestly, few movies have refused to go to in the time since.

The movie continues to hold up to this day. I know a bunch of you kids out there have never seen the movie and you might frown on a movie released back in 1979. But to put it into historical perspective for you, "Star Wars" was released two years before "North Dallas Forty" .

If you are a fan of football, you owe it to yourself to watch "North Dallas Forty" when you can. Hell, you can purchase it for less than $5 on Amazon right now. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Congratulations to "North Dallas Forty" the greatest football movie ever made.

Here is the final bracket complete with the winner.

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