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The defining stats from Richard Sherman's career with Seahawks

*With Richard Sherman being officially released by the Seahawks on March 9, NFL Research takes a look back at the defining statistics from Sherman's time in Seattle. *

Richard Sherman profile

-29 years old (turns 30 on March 30, 2018)

-Seven seasons of NFL experience

-Three-time First-Team All-Pro selection (2012, 2013, 2014); Second-Team All-Pro in 2015

-Won Super Bowl XLVIII with Seahawks

-5th round pick (154th overall) in 2011 NFL Draft

Has Sherman been the best CB since he entered the league?

Below are the numbers on how Richard Sherman ranks among NFL CBs since enterting the league in 2011

-Interceptions: 32 (1st)

-Passes defensed: 99 (1st)

-Completion percentage allowed (min. 300 targets in coverage): 47.4 (1st)

-Passer rating allowed (min. 300 targets in coverage): 50.9 (1st)

Sherman's 2017 season

-Sherman suffered a season-ending ruptured right Achilles on November 9, 2017 (Week 10 TNF game at ARI)

How did the 'Hawks fare without Sherman?

The Seahawks have allowed a passer rating of 86.1 with Sherman off the field since 2011. With Sherman on the field, the 'Hawks have allowed a 74.5 opponents passer rating since 2011.

-In 2017, Seahawks allowed 5.6 more points per game in games Sherman did not play.(Weeks 11-17)

-However, Seattle allowed nearly 20 fewer pass YPG in games without Sherman in 2017.

Shutting down one side of the field

-Sherman primarily lines up on the left side of the defense (to the offense's right).

-Since 2015, teams have attempted fewer passes to the right against the Seahawks than any other opponent (the Seahawks have also allowed the fewest TD passes to the right side of the field since 2015).

How effective have top CBs been after turning age 30?

Below are the results for how notable CBs (since 1990)have fared after turning age 30.

--Darrelle Revis: Six Pro Bowls before age 30, one Pro Bowl after

--Champ Bailey: Eight Pro Bowls before age 30, four Pro Bowls after

--Deion Sanders: Five Pro Bowls before age 30, three Pro Bowls after

How much money will the 'Hawks save in cap space by releasing Sherman?

-The Seahawks will save $11 million in cap space by cutting or trading Sherman before June 1 ($2.2 million in "dead" money)

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